The pulp mill at Abercrombie Point in Pictou County, Nova Scotia is a Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) mill.  Pulp production began at this facility in 1967 under the ownership of Scott Paper. The mill has changed ownership a few times since 1967 (documentation coming soon!).  It is currently owned by Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation, a subsidiary of Paper Excellence Canada. Paper Excellence is a shell company created by Asia Pulp and Paper, a subsidiary of Indonesian conglomerate Sinar Mas.  For convenience, this facility is referred to as either ‘the mill’ or by its current direct ownership, ‘Northern Pulp’.

According to the facility’s website, Northern Pulp produces 275,000 tonnes of pulp annually and employs 230 individuals (  In response to regulation changes for chlorine usage in the 1990s, Northern Pulp’s pulp is now Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).  Effluent from production is discharged into two settling ponds, followed by an aeration lagoon, then a stabilization basin before being sent into Boat Harbour and then the Northumberland Strait.  Collectively these areas (excepting the Northumberland Strait) comprise the treatment facility and are colloquially referred to as Boat Harbour.  There is contention over the ownership of the area, the details of which are referenced in a later section of this website.  The image below depicts the location of Northern Pulp and the Boat Harbour treatment facility.

Northern Pulp and Boat Harbour Location