Our Concerns

Our group has numerous concerns about the pulp mill at Abercrombie Point, Pictou County, NS.  We have classified these concerns into five primary categories as represented in Figure 3.

Many of these areas are inter-related and thus definitive distinctions between concern categories are not possible; however, this framework has been used as a guide to structure discussion of the topics.

The first two concerns – health and economy – are those things that many people intuitively recognize as wrong with the mill and thus represent the reasons that cleaning up the mill are important. Concerns about the health of the community and the local economy provided the impetus for looking into Northern Pulp operations in greater detail and thus revealed the three critical concerns – standards, compliance and Boat Harbour.

The last concern listed – Boat Harbour – is potentially one of the biggest and has only been identified last due to the complexity of the issue.  A chronology of important highlights in the mill’s history in Pictou County that may serve as a valuable reference for the reader throughout is coming soon.

Figure 3 Overview of Concerns Related to the Mill at Abercrombie Point